Paid to Speak Conference

September 15-17, 2021


A Live Workshop that shows you how to get paid to speak
even if you're starting from scratch.

"I booked 11 keynotes and dozens of breakouts within the first year of attending the PAID TO SPEAK Conference. Additionally, I increased my speaker fee from $2,500 to $3,500. As of today, 6 years later, my fee is $10,000 to $12,000.  The system Kent taught me was THE game-changer for me on how to find speaking engagements and how to get paid to speak!"

Joshua Evans

How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Kent Julian's Paid to Speak Conference

"Hey Kent, I had to send you a quick email to celebrate and say 'thank you' for giving me the confidence and skills on how to find public speaking jobs. I was just hired for my first full-fee speaking engagement — $2500 plus travel! You helped me know where to look for speaking engagements, how to reach out to the decision maker, and how to ask for my speaking fee. I'm so excited! Thank you!!"

Lora Freeman

Get Paid to Speak - Paid to Speak Conference

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You believe you have a message to share, but you have a hard time explaining it to others. 

You're not sure where to look to find paid speaking engagements.

You want to get paid to speak, either full-time or just a few times a year, but you have no idea where to start or what you to do.

You feel overwhelmed by all the advice and you want a simple, straightforward plan.

You're willing to do the work if you know it will lead to paid speaking engagements.

You want to learn from someone who started where you are, grew a six-figure speaking business, and is still a professional speaker today.

Find Paid Speaking Engagements

Connect with
Decision Makers

Get Paid to Speak

What Makes the Paid to Speak Conference So Different?

Lots of people DREAM about becoming a motivational speaker or trainer and getting paid to speak, but few see their dreams come true because they don't know what to DOThe PAID TO SPEAK Conference shows you how to find paid speaking engagements, how to connect with the decision makers who book speakers, and best of all... how you can get paid to speak! 

What's the Schedule?

Thursday (Full Day)

8 AM to 6 PM — BE a Better Speaker

Topics Include:

  • What to Do First to Become a Paid Speaker
  • How to Pick and Develop Brand-able Speaking Topics
  • How to Craft a Signature Speech using the SPEAK UP™ Preparation System
  • How to Stand Out from Other Speakers with Similar Messages
  • How to Prepare and Position Your Speaking Business
Friday (Full Day)
Saturday (Half Day)

What Others Say About the Paid to Speak Conference...

Paid to Speak - Alumnus"Hi Kent, just a quick note to share the success I've had speaking this year. I booked 18 speaking engagements and 14 were paid events. I also have 3 more speaking engagements already booked for next year. I am sooooo excited! Thank you for all you've done through the PAID TO SPEAK Conference to help get me to this place. I consider you a great mentor, teacher, and friend. You are making a difference in so many lives. Truly!"

Erin Robison

Austin Brooks - Get Paid to SpeakI attended both the Paid To Speak Conference and the Killer Keynote Conference, and both experiences have already paid for themselves many times over. From a monetary standpoint alone, I've already seen more than a 10 times return on my investment in less than 18 months. Additionally, the fact that I was able to connect personally with Kent and work beside other professionals who attend his conferences was alone worth my time. Saying that I HIGHLY recommend both conferences is an understatement!

Austin Brooks

Paid to Speak Conference - Jeff McManus“I attended Kent Julian’s speaker training conference several years ago. Before that time, I had never been paid to speak. Since then I have become a professional speaker who has earned over six-figures in speaking fees. I love my job and the organization I work for, so I'm not a full-time speaker, but I’ve made a great side income as a motivational speaker sharing a message that I absolutely love with leaders all across the country.” 

Jeff McManus

Presentation Training / Speaker Training - Killer Keynote Conference"Kent Julian delivers the goods! Before attending the PAID TO SPEAK Conference, I had never presented in front of an audience other than a few Toastmaster meetings. The thought of being a paid speaker seemed light years away for a person who was starting at rock bottom. Thanks to the PAID TO SPEAK Conference, today I am a full-time, well-paid, professional speaker! Not only do I get to help people by sharing a valuable message, but I also gained an abundant amount of time to dedicate to my favorite roles—being a mom to four awesome kids and a wife to an incredibly handsome husband. My family and I are so grateful to Kent for sharing his knowledge, wisdom, and specific strategies he uses to be a successful speaker!"

Jen McDonough

How to Become a Motivational Speaker - Kent Julian's Paid to Speak Conference"As a result of the Paid to Speak Conference, my speaking is no longer a hobby… I'm now a professional speaker! I booked over 25 PAID speaking engagements this past year (the year before I had just three). In fact, I can now confidently ask for a speaking fee I think I am worth, which I really struggled with in the past. And in case you’re wondering, my baseline speaking fee has increased by three-fold!"

Eric Kulikowski

What's My Investment?

How many people are not seeing their lives and businesses positively impacted through your message because you don't know how to book speaking engagements? How many more hours will you waste looking for paid speaking engagements without knowing if an event pays or not? How much income are you losing right now because you don't know how to connect with decision-makers?

Killer Keynote Conference

September 13-14

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Only $1,597

Increases After May 25, 2022

Killer Keynote Conference

Craft & Deliver Unforgettable Speeches that Make You Stand Out as a Speaker

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Paid to Speak Conference

September 15-17

Early Registration

Only $997

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Paid to Speak Conference

Learn How to Get Paid to Speak (Even if You're Starting from Scratch)

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Combo Package
(Attend Both Events)

September 13-17

Early Registration

Only $2,294

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Combo Package

Both the Killer Keynote & Paid to Speak Conferences

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Check out our Killer Keynote FAQ Page and our Paid To Speak FAQ Page.

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What Others Say About the Paid to Speak Conference...

Get Paid to Speak - Paid to Speak Conference - Bradley Vinson"Kent Julian’s PAID TO SPEAK Conference gave me the expertise to realize my value as a speaker, and the confidence to charge for it. First, his speaker training showed me exactly how to find decision makers who hire speakers and how to set myself apart from other speakers who are reaching out to them. This, alone, was a game changer! Next, he helped me sharpen my message, deliver it with impact, and make a lasting impression that generates repeat and referral bookings. The results? I booked my first paid speech for $1,750 and have since raised my speaking fee to $2,500!"

Bradley Vinson

Paid to Speak Conference - Katie Bulmer"When I first went through the Paid To Speak course, I was just a girl with a dream clouded by fear and doubt. Kent Julian provided me with a clear system to help my dream become a reality. Less than 3 months later I was paid to speak for the first time! A few months later, I booked my first $750 speaking engagement and have two more paid speaking engagements right behind it. It's time to raise my speaker fees. Thank you, Kent!"

Katie Bulmer

Marianne Renner - Get Paid to Speak"Thanks to Kent Julian, my keynotes went from so-so to sizzle because I learned how to craft a presentation that makes me stand out from the crowd. Additionally, since attending the PAID TO SPEAK Conference, I have been paid to speak! In fact, my speaking fees have gone up 300% in the past 18 months.

"I am such a Kent Julian fan for so many reasons. For one, he is an experienced speaker who has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA). This is the highest professional designation a speaker can earn in the NSA, and less than 800 speakers worldwide hold a CSP, so he knows his stuff. Additionally, when it comes to training other speakers, he doesn’t hold back! He pours out every secret of the trade he knows to his program participants and shares step-by-step details on how to implement what he teaches.

"But what truly makes Kent so great is his commitment to excellence and service. He is generous, authentic, and delivers far more value than you ever expect. He is a class act!"

Marianne Renner

Jeff McKinney - Get Paid to Speak"I booked my first paid speech today after attending the PAID TO SPEAK Conference just a few months ago. Thank you, Kent Julian, for teaching the Revolving Door Marketing System™. IT WORKS!"

Jeff McKinney

Where is the Paid to Speak Conference Taking Place?

We are excited to host the Paid to Speak Conference at the Corner Theater at Cross Pointe in Duluth, Georgia, which is on the northeast side of the Atlanta-metro area.

This venue was selected not only because of the state-of-the-art learning environment it provides but also because of the uniqueness of this event. This is not your typical, run-of-the-mill conference. There is a lot of interactive learning and networking. Additionally, participants need time to process what they learn. Therefore, we purposefully choose a location that is suitable for in-depth learning, networking with other attendees, and has enough space for you to get alone and think without the interruptions that often occur when hosting an event at a crowded hotel.